How to scale your drop shipping business on budget

How to scale your drop shipping business on budget

Skyrocket your business

Your drop shipping business is booming. You are finally getting some steady traffic to your site that actually clicks on that “Add to cart” button!

Drop shipping is a powerful way of making money from home. Since you don't have an inventory, your fixed costs are down to the bare minimum. And for the best part, once your business has set sail, you can scale it up to have that million dollar business of your dreams. This is what makes drop shipping such a lucrative pursuit.

But with great power comes great responsibility ...

Every time you get an order notification you panic. “Will I be able to deliver on time? How do I account for it? Do I have enough staff to handle this?”

All those orders you were dreaming about, have turned into an administrative nightmare.

I remember when my drop shipping business started to take form. Each morning, I would open my email and see all the orders that had come in overnight.

“Oh great … Now I have to manually place the order on my vendor’s site. Then I need to place a shipping order and do the goddamn accounting!”

And that’s not all!

With more visitors, comes a higher demand for more products. You then have to go to your vendor’s website, choose the right products and then manually adjust pricing, shipping rates, SKUs, etc.

Horrible? It doesn’t have to be!

Do you find yourself spending countless of hours managing orders? Are you tired of doing tedious tasks such as copy pasting SKUs?

If your answer is "yes"; a big Congrats to you. Your business is growing up and it's time to scale it up even further.

But how? You can hire a couple of assistants to get the job done for you. But that will cost you at least a grand or two every month.

As my old father in law used to say about growth related issues: “This is a lovely problem. You wouldn’t want to have the opposite dilemma now, would you?”

Yes, it definitely is a lovely problem. And it just so happens to be that we have the solution. Keep reading!

How automation could help you cutting the costs down?

drop shipping software improves the world Imagine yourself waking up every morning and voilá! You have been making tons of money while you were sleeping. Sounds like your dream, right?

It's probably the reason why you got into drop shipping in the first place. But it's important not to forget why drop shipping is so fantastic. You were looking for a business model that's scalable and requires as low fixed costs as possible, right?

Automation is the key that will unlock the door to scalability. It will free up a lot of your time and help you saving $$$$ every month.

Remember those couple of grand you were thinking of spending on hiring extra assistants? Now you can invest them in Marketing instead, leading to even more Sales.

Simply put, you want to have software that takes care of business for you.

With this kind of system in place, you can focus on growth instead of administration. Forget about handling orders and celebrate every purchase instead!

"Organize around business functions, not people. Build systems within each business function. Let systems run the business and people run the systems. People come and go but the systems remain constant"

Michael Gerber - The E-Myth Revisited

3 things you should look for in an automation solution

  • Instant vendor notification You don't want to spend time mailing your vendor each time you make a sale. Make sure the order goes directly from your online store to the warehouse. The same applies to your shipping companies. Do not waste precious minutes placing shipping orders manually in their online systems.

  • Live shipping rates Shipping rates change all the time. Would you like to adjust them accordingly? No way? I thought so. Make sure your drop shipping software takes care of this tedious task.

  • Accounting synchronization Although it's crucial for your business to thrive, accounting can sometimes feel like an anchor. Hours you could have spent improving your business should not be spent doing paperwork.

Wouldn't you love making money without spending much?

Do yourself a favour and get a drop shipping software!

Imagine what it would cost you to have an employee who does all this.
A software does it at a fraction of the price!

Just make sure it's integrated with a wide range of ecommerce platforms. If you have an Amazon drop shipping business for instance, you still want to be able to integrate with vendors who use Shopify.

If you are about to start a drop shipping business, it wouldn't hurt to automate it right from the beginning.

Don't have a clue about which drop shipping software to use? You could try Jetti for free today.

What do you think automation could do for you?

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