How to run multiple stores without losing your mind

How to run multiple stores without losing your mind

Your Ecommerce is up and running on Shopify. You decide the best way to boost sales is by opening an Amazon shop. Just a few clicks away right?

Not so fast!

Expanding your Ecommerce to multiple platforms is a great way to increase your exposure. The more places you place a vending machine in, the more sodas you will sell. The same is applicable for drop shipping / e-commerce stores.

But there’s an important question you need to ask yourself before you go ahead and multiply:

Will you be able to handle a second store when you have thousands of products that are constantly updated by your suppliers?

The dark side of the moon(s)

If you do it the wrong way, there’s a great risk all those websites will make your profits collapse. Here are 3 most common issues you need to address before you choose platform for your next store.

1. Inventory management will be extremely painful

Astounding inventory management is absolutely essential for your drop shipping business. What will you do if you sell products your suppliers don’t have in stock? It can lead to late deliveries and angry customers.

Even worse; it can turn out to increase your costs. Imagine your customer buys several items from you. While you could have shipped everything together, you now have to ship the late product separately. Several shipments cost more than bundled shipments, meaning less money in your pocket.

In some cases, you will have to cancel the order altogether and refund your customer.

To avoid this terrible scenario, you have to update your inventory on all platforms you manage, regularly.

This is simple, but boring!

Changing your inventory after making a sale is one thing. Doing it on several platforms is a whole different story.

Picture yourself signing in to Amazon to fulfill your sale. Then you are forced to sign in to Shopify to update your inventory. And then you need to visit your Etsy account and do the same thing. Can you think of anything more important to do?

2. Administration will take control of your life

Most people think Ecommerce means easy money, but in reality they spend countless of hours performing administrative tasks. For each and every sale, you are juggling with fulfillments, accounting, emails, etc.

If you have multiple stores, be prepared to multiply your workload.

3. Shipping rates can drive you crazy

Different products require different different forms of shipping. This also means different rates! For each product you need to enter the correct shipping rate. With multiple platforms you will have to do repetitive work.

Perhaps you decide the simplest solution is to enter a flat shipping rate that averages out your costs. Sometimes you’ll lose and sometimes you’ll win. Overall you’ll save a bunch of time.

But what if there’s another, better way to solve your problem? One that allows you to enter the correct shipping rates and make sure you never lose a dime on shipping again.

Make sure you have everything under one roof

All these headaches might seem overwhelming and it’s tempting to stick to one single platform instead. But this would decrease your exposure and your amount of possibilities to sell. Remember that vending machine? Would you only place it in one place to avoid work? Or would you spread out to experience staggering growth?

The only way to run several stores without losing your mind is by keeping all administration under one roof. Get a software that can notify all your platforms of any updates you do. Imagine how awesome it would be to sell a product and magically witness an automatic inventory update on all your stores instantly!

Forget about spending long hours with shipping rates and other administrative tasks!

You need a system that can be integrated with all major platforms so you can grow. It’s even better if the solution is fully automated and permits your suppliers to do the updates themselves.

Once this is up and running, you can and you should proceed to opening multiple platforms.

No clue of where to look for such a sensational application? Don't cry, there are many places to search. You could even have everything up and running today by trying Jetti for free now.

Have you experienced any other issues with running several stores at the same time? Please let me know in the comments below!

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