How to rake in $$$$ profits on Black Friday and Christmas 2016

How to rake in $$$$ profits on Black Friday and Christmas 2016

customers can be like zombies on black friday Are you ready to make some serious money?

“Now you have a great chance here, but bear in mind: you can lose it all if you're not careful.” - Daniel Plansview, There Will Be Blood.

And blood there will be my friend. Because Black Friday is coming up.

If you are serious about turning the end of the year into your personal Belle Epoque, you need to ask yourself one important question:

What do your customers want?

That’s right, it’s time for you to get into the head of your consumers. And by that I don’t just mean what they think they want. I’m talking about figuring out what they don’t know they want.

Your Black Friday customers are like zombies

They are lusting for low prices. One smell of a good deal and they will buy instantly. That´s what they think they want.

But deep inside that heart of stone there’s still a shadow of humanity. You see, what they don´t know they want, is good quality and great service.

This is where I think most of your competitors will fail. As they seek to exploit Black Friday by selling as much volume as possible, most drop shippers enter a race to the bottom. When the low margin, mass volume sales, start to kick in, many businesses fail to deliver. And what do they achieve? A bunch of sales of unprofitable products at the expense their reputation.

comic about Black Friday Zombies

Don’t you dare to make the same mistake.

If a victim tastes bad, the zombie will remember. That´s why you have to be extra careful. If you want your Black Friday customer to be a returning one. Provide excellent service and they will come back.

Show how awesome you are on Black Friday and cash in on Christmas

As a dropshipper, it’s not so easy for you to compete on price and still make juicy profits. I already mentioned this in a previous article.

But there’s nothing that says you can’t still give the world’s best customer service and deliver on time. Make sure you sell the right kind of products and prepare the right way. By this I mean:

  • Only sell items you are sure you will be able to deliver on time.
  • Discounting is good but do it only without losing money.
  • Do not discount your best products. You’ll soon see how you will make a hefty profit out of those.
  • Prepare by having the right fulfillment software. You’ll find all information you need right here.

The strategy is to make attractive promises you can easily keep on Black Friday, so your customers choose you on Christmas.

Now that you’ve laid your chips, you can lean back and watch your competitors make fools out of themselves while you wait to strike.

On Christmas, they’re crazy for love

Enchanted by the Christmas spirit, Zombies are now trying to impress their undead friends with wonderful gifts. Consumers are now focusing more on relationships rather than prices, and this is where you have the possibility to make your killer move.

Here, your customers’ issue is that gifts must arrive on time for Christmas. But thanks to your excellent service during Black Friday, they now trust you more than they trust your competitors.

Your premium items get to shine and you make the money you were hoping for. You can sell tons of your best products at premium prices and make it a Merry Christmas for everybody!

So, if you truly want a Merry Christmas and not a Bloody Christmas, deliver on time. Avoid all kinds of headaches and communicate clearly when customers need to buy in order to get their shipments on time. Otherwise, you will a get bunch of returns and perhaps even some haters.

You can put the holidays in your pocket

While Black Friday is the time for crazy deals, Christmas is the time for lovely presents.

Black Friday is when you sow the seeds and Christmas is when you reap. Both are great opportunities for branding, but don't forget to get into your customer's head.

If you are kind to your customers on Black Friday, Santa will bring you BIG PROFITS for Christmas. Treat them bad, and the next Walking Dead episode might be about you.

How do you plan to tackle the holiday season? Please, let me know in the comments below.

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