10 tips to find best drop shipping automation solution [Black Friday Special]

10 tips to find best drop shipping automation solution [Black Friday Special]

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Time is Money. Without time, you’ll never be able to get more customers. And if you don’t have customers, you can forget that dream business of yours.

Time is also a critical factor when it comes to adding more products you can offer in your shop. For me, it takes at least a few minutes to do all the proper administration in order to get a product up and running in my shop. Do you want to do this for hundreds of products? I don't think so!

You need to spend more time and money on sales & marketing instead of wasting it on the tasks that can be automated. And don’t let boring administration hinder you from widening your product range.

“Okay, that sounds important, I’ll put it in my to do list for later. I don’t need to do it now, do I?”


Black Friday is coming up and I predict it will have massive impact on your revenue. With increased sales, comes increased admin!

If you want to manage all the sales you will get without a breaking apart, make sure you’ve found and integrated the proper software.

Don’t know what drop shipping software you should go to? Don’t worry. Here’s a quick list of 10 features you should look for in an automation solution that will save you as much time as possible:

1. Orders should reach your vendor automatically

You’ll want a system that forwards your orders to vendors in the format they need. In the best case scenario the item has been shipped before you even see the order notification!

2. Automated shipping rates

I hate updating shipping rates. You should hate it as well because it is a terrible time killer. Get a software that can display combined vendor rates automatically at checkout instead.

3. Shipment notifications should go straight to your customer

Are you manually sending tracking numbers to your customers after they’ve ordered? Stop doing it right now! You are losing a LOT of time repeating a process that a machine should do for you.

Make sure your app can pick up tracking details and automatically notify the customer as soon as there’s been a sale.

4. Canceled order notifications that go to the vendor without your help

Don’t waste time dealing with cancelled orders. If someone regrets their purchase, it’s your computer’s problem, not yours.
drop shipping automation software Well, it actually is your problem because you've lost a sale but you'll need to invest your time in figuring out why rather than administrating it.

5. Pricing should be updated by the vendor, not you

You want to acquire more products quicker, don´t you? Then make sure each vendor can give you one margin that applies for all their products. This way you’ll be able to pick as many products you want from each vendor without losing time.

Prices and changes should also be entered by your vendor and instantly updated in your shop. This will be extra important for Black Friday when you’ll be seeing tons of discount offers from your vendors.

You don't want to sell your products at the same price when there is a bump by your carrier that you may fail to notice.

6. Accounting

I don’t think I need to explain this no-brainer for you.

You do NOT want to account for each order manually unless you want your increased sales to turn into a Stephen King novel.

7. Integration with your Ecommerce platform

And preferably your vendors’ platforms as well! The more platforms your app can be integrated with, the better.

8. International flexibility

Do you want to grow your business without being limited by your own country’s borders? Yes, of course you do.

Do it right from the beginning and get a system that will permit you to become global player.

9. Warning systems

How many times have you made a mistake? Well, they are part of human life and you won´t escape them. That´s why you definitely need a system that warns you when you make mistakes.

This will save you a lot of headaches.

10. Flexible inventory updates

You need a software that lets the vendor update inventory so you don’t have to.

With Black Friday coming just around the corner, you may miss to keep track of inventory and it may cause your business dearly.

Don't mess it up on this Black Friday!

What are you still doing here? Why haven’t you run off to get an automation solution for your drop shipping business yet? The clock is still ticking and you need to be prepared.

If you don’t want to waste time going through different apps you can prepare for Black Friday easily by trying Jetti for free.

How have you prepared for the holidays this year?

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